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過去のオリジナルリリース F1の動向が一目でわかる新着ニュースや最新トピックを随時更新。

リリース – ボーダフォン・マクラーレン・メルセデス 【日本GP(土)】


Suzuka Circuit, Saturday October 3

P3 programme
1m32.789s (19 laps, 16th)

Q1 1m30.917s (on Option, 2nd)
Q2 1m30.627s (on Option, 2nd)
Q3 1m32.395s (on Option, 3rd overall)

struggling with a difficult and unresponsive car during this morning’s
P3 session, the team made some lengthy adjustments to MP4-24 ahead of
the qualifying session. The changes clearly worked,transforming the car
and enabling Lewis to match the frontrunners during all three sessions.
He lines up third on the grid for tomorrow’s
Japanese Grand Prix.
didn’t expect to be as competitive as we were this afternoon,” Lewis
said later. “Our car was tricky this morning and we had to make some
significant changes between sessions. It was impossible to extract the
best from the car, especially through the first sector. We didn’t have
much time to develop a dry set-up so we went into qualifying hoping
that the changes would work – and they did.
“I’ve said it before,
but I really love this circuit, it’s so much fun and has such history
and character; I feel honoured and overwhelmed to be driving where the
great drivers of the past have raced.
“I would love to win here
tomorrow, and I’ll do everything I can to do so: I’ll drive my heart
out. Although the Red Bull will be very hard to beat, there’s a long
run down to Turn One and our KERS is working better than ever.
Sebastian has more to worry about than I do, too. He’ll be looking at
the world championship, I’m just here to have a good time and score
some points for my team to help us move further up theconstructors’
championship table.”

P3 programme
1m32.546s (22 laps, 8th)

Q1 1m31.499s (on Option, 12th)
Q2 1m31.223s (on Option, 9th)
Q3 No time (9th overall)

reported fewer problems with his car than Lewis in the morning’s
session and satisfactorily honed his car until he felt he had extracted
a good deal of performance from the chassis ahead of qualifying.
eased through the first two sessions (in 12th and ninth), but, as he
began his first flying lap, he lost the car through the high-speed Turn
Eight and ended up against the tyre barrier. By virtue of Sebastien
Buemi’s earlier shunt (at the end of Q2), Heikki will start the race
from ninth tomorrow.
“I went a bit too fast into Turn Eight, over
the kerb, and the car broke out and I couldn’t get it back on the
track. So it was game over.
“Today’s three accidents prove that
everybody is pushing the limit as much as possible as the running time
in the dry was very limited. The car felt good, the balance was okay
and we should be in good shape for tomorrow.
“I now hope that the damage on my car won’t be so bad that my mechanics have to spend the night repairing it.”

Team principal, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

very limited dry running prior to today’s qualifying session, Lewis did
a great job to qualify third. As a result, starting from the clean side
of the track, assisted by KERS Hybrid, he should be able to make good
progress off the startline tomorrow. We weren’t happy with his car this
morning, but he and his engineers worked patiently yet determinedly in
the gap between today’s sessions, and the results were
clear to see.
ran wide at Turn Eight when pushing hard in Q3, and lost the car and
the lap as a result, but these things happen when you’re really on it –
and, to be fair to Heikki, he’s made very few such mistakes this year.
Besides, with a carefully crafted strategy, backed up by some forceful
driving on his part, he should be able to make up some places during
the course of tomorrow’s race.
“So, in summary, having bagged a
dozen world championship points in Singapore last weekend, our
intention is to score heavily again here in Japan.”

Vice-president, Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

a qualifying session – three times red flags, and finally P3 for Lewis
who, again, did an excellent job on this challenging track that he has
never driven on before.
“Lewis’s lap time for third place on the
grid after three pole positions in the last four grands prix is less
than two and a half tenths down on Sebastian Vettel’s pole time whom I
sincerely wish to congratulate for his first place of today.
it is quite a long way into the first corner here at Suzuka and I am
sure Lewis is planning to give the two guys ahead of him a run for
their money tomorrow once the race has started.
“Heikki suffered
from an off in Q3 after a very solid performance during his first
Suzuka weekend, being quickest yesterday and today and being also fully
competitive until his unplanned excursion.
“After three very hectic
and challenging qualifying sessions, the most important news is that
Timo Glock is safe after his accident. Everyone in our team wishes Timo
well, and I am sure the whole paddock – and especially his German fans
back home – have the same feelings.”







◆ノルベルト・ハウグ メルセデス・モータースポーツ部門責任者
「なんて予選だったのだろう! 3回もの赤旗がありつつ、ルイスは初めて走るこのチャレンジングなコースで3番グリッドを獲得した。ルイスはここ4戦のうち3 戦でポール・ポジションをとっているし、今回もポール・ポジションのセバスチャン・フェッテルからわずか0.25秒落ちの3番手なのだから心から祝福したい。3番手ながらこのコースは1コーナーまでが非常に長いため、ルイスはきっと前の二人に絡んでくれることだろう。ヘイキは初めての鈴鹿での週末中、ここまで確かなパフォーマンスを見せていたが、Q3で予定外のクラッシュを喫してしまった。非常に騒がしく、チャレンジングな予選を終えて、一番のグッドニュースはティモ・グロックのクラッシュが大事に至らなかったことだ。チーム全員がティモの回復を祈っているし、パドックの全員が、そしてドイツのファンたちも同じ気持ちでいるに違いない」。

(翻訳:Noah Sellen / 編集:Moto)

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